Preparing Your Home for Showing to Buyers

You'd very much like to sell your home. However, you dread the process of preparing it to show to prospective buyers. Many others are in the same boat as you -- they have no clue where or how to start. The first thing you need to do is make an inventory of all the known issues in your house. First impressions can make or break a transaction and for a prospective buyer, whether his or her first impression is good or bad will depend a lot on how your exterior looks. In this case, you need to pay more attention to making your home exterior as appealing as possible. You are about to read three important tips for home showing, but there's so much more you need to know about.
Your garage, basement or attic shouldn't have way too much stuff in them that people will have a hard time walking around. A cramped room is something that can turn a prospective buyer off. You can rent a storage unit and stash your boxes and other things there. After you've cleared out most of the stuff in those areas, you need to thoroughly clean them. If you've got a half-finished basement, you can place lights strategically in some corners. You want the lights to be on when you're showing because it will make the area look more appealing. Do you have shrubs around your property? You can hire a lawn care company to get them ready for home showing or you can do the job yourself. Either way, make sure they look presentable. The important thing is to make sure your front lawn doesn't look like it hasn't been cared for in months. If they need to be trimmed, then that is not so hard to take care of but make very sure you trim down any bushes or shrubs right next to your home. You need to make sure that trees, shrubs, and any other landscaping elements are not blocking the sun from shining through the windows. Natural light should be able to easily stream through your house. Light has a positive effect on people and you want potential buyers to feel positive when they're looking inside and outside your house.
Your home's outlets and wall switches are also important. Make sure any damaged outlet or wall switch is repaired. Simply check every single light switch in your house to ensure proper operation. If any of the switches aren't working properly, have them replaced as soon as possible.
An outlet tester is useful and you can buy one at a department or hardware store. They're useful for testing your electric outlets. They will have LEDs on them and will display any common problems so you can fix it.
Don't feel let down if it's been a while since you've put your house on the market and several buyers have seen it but haven't made bids on it. As you wait for the right buyer to come along, you can do several more things that would improve your home's chances of selling. Think of the process of selling your home like baseball: you have to wait for the pitch before you swing your bat. Sooner or later, the right buyer will come.

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